The Hero Launches a Mission | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 9:35-10:7

Having demonstrated the power of his kingdom, our Hero, Jesus, then chooses 12 disciples to carry on his mission of compassion, prayer and healing. Jesus’ priorities are the same for the church today and grasping HOW he passes these along is central to our present sense of mission today.

Sermon Points:

  • A Mission of Compassion
  • A Mission of Empowerment
  • A Mission of Strategy

The Powerful Hero | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 8:23-34

Jesus is traveling through Galilee doing amazing things, demonstrating his power. But until you understand the nature and context of his miracles, you can’t feel the full power of just what’s being suggested: Jesus is claiming authority of the chaos of our lives and healing people by the power of his Word.

Sermon Points:

  • The Chaos From Without
  • The Chaos From Within

The Hero Cleanses | Les Newsom

 Scripture Reference: Matthew 8:1-4

It’s one thing to be physically separated from your community, quite another to be spiritually ostracized. Jesus encounters a leper who suffers from both, but the healing Jesus brings demonstrates something astounding who still struggle with God’s willingness to heal and his power to do so.

Sermon Points:

  • Jesus is Willing
  • Jesus is Holy
  • Jesus is Advancing

The Hero Connects | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:9-13

In an epidemic of loneliness in the West, why is communion with God not any more of an antidote to that? could it be that we are thinking of prayer all wrong? The Lord’s Prayer equips Jesus’ followers NOT with just a template for prayer, but a powerful means to change HOW we think of connecting with God.

Sermon Points:

  • Familiarity
  • Perspective
  • Celebration