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looking for space?

901 Sisk Avenue

Are you a church member looking to host a small group on-site, a community leader needing a meeting space or an affiliated ministry wanting to utilize the sanctuary? Then you came to the right place.

If you are interested in getting married at Christ Pres, visit cpcoxford.org/weddings to learn more about that process.

If you would like to reserve a room or space in the church for an event or a meeting please fill out the form below. A church staff member will contact you confirming your requests approval*.

Building Use Request Form

If you would like to request use of church equipment for use off site (borrowing tables, chairs, etc.), please send an email to our Office Assistant Nadine Ramsey.

* Approval response times vary depending on your relation to the church and the amount of leadership approval needed. The approximate approval times for each type of request is outlined below:

  • For Member, Staff and Officers requests, you should expect a response in 48 hours.
  • For Affiliated Ministry requests, you should expect a response in five working days from the request.
  • For Non Affiliated requests, Diaconal review is required and could take up to one month for a response (dependent upon when the request is submitted and when the¬†next diaconal meeting is scheduled).