I Will Remember You. Will You Remember Me? | Jeff Jordan

Scripture Reference: Philippians 1:1-11

Because the Lord is at hand, and through the grace we have in Christ, we can see one another through a different lens than the worlds sees us. We can cultivate these three postures towards each other that our modeled for us here in Paul’s introduction to his letter to the Philippians.

The Hero Commissions His People | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 28:16-20

By its nature, good news HAS to be told. We aren’t really enjoying the thing until we spread the news about it. Jesus’ death and resurrection are followed by a powerful commission from him to bring his Lordship to bear on every area of life, and he empowers us to do so by his nearness.

Sermon Points:

  • Empowering the Mission
  • Directing the Mission
    • Accommodating Our Doubts
    • Clarifying Our Mission
    • Promising Our Success

The Hero Rises | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:62-28:15

Progressive commentators have said that it is unimportant whether or not Jesus actually rose from the dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts surrounding the mountain of hard evidence for Jesus’ bodily resurrection not only establish its importance, but rescues human hope as well.

Sermon Points:

  • The Evidence
  • The Verdict

The Hero Dies | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:32-54

The most transformative events in our lives are when victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat. The Cross of Jesus is a profoundly ironic twist of fate that has changed the hearts of Jesus’ followers since the day he “yielded up his spirit” and died. “Why?” will be our question this morning.

Sermon Points:

  • The Ironic Antagonism
  • The Vicarious Abandonment
  • The Explosive Outbreaking