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Studying God's Word

At Christ Pres we consider "training" in the Word to be one of our top priorities. Below you can find what we offer for adults & some of our previous recordings.

Sunday school
Sunday school
Each Sunday, at 9:45am, we host two adult Sunday school class, one in the sanctuary and one on the second floor mezzanine. The Sunday school curriculum is varied and covers both practical topics and entire books of the Bible. Scroll down to listen to audio recordings of our previous adult Sunday school classes.
We have a robust Women's Ministry that offers many events throughout the year, including large group Bible studies as well as small groups to get plugged into. To find our more visit the Women's Ministry page by clicking the icon above.
Men's Ministry
Men's Ministry
Our Men's Ministry hosts multiple evening events throughout the year and also has a many small groups you can get plugged in to. Contact Curt Presley ( to find out more.
Christ Pres hosts conferences each year. These conferences cover topics like, God's Holiness, Parenting & Marriage. Scroll down to view recordings of our most recent conference.

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2022 Bible Conference

For years, Christ Pres has enjoyed the best of Bible scholars from across the country to teach us for a weekend in February. This year is no different. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Sean Lucas, Lead Pastor of Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN, to our conference.

On February 25th & 26th, Dr. Lucas will be taking us through a careful look at one of the most crucial passages in the book of Romans 8. This is a pivotal and deeply encouraging piece of Pauline theology that every believer will benefit from diving deeply into. Everyone who attends will come away with a clearer grasp on how Paul is seeking to provide assurance to struggling Christians.

In addition, Dr. Lucas will be lecturing on the topic of "The Lost Legacy of Black Presbyterians" at a special luncheon on noon after the Saturday sessions. Space is limited to the first 35 sign ups, which you can indicate when you register.

Also note: in lieu of childcare being offered at the conference, Christ Pres will be glad to reimburse for babysitting through the duration of the conference. During registration, indicate if you need childcare and we will send you a link for reimbursement.


Bible Conference3

Current Adult Sunday School Classes

Spring 2022

The Five Solas

Winter Adult Sunday School

Brian Sorgenfrei taught a winter adult Sunday school class this past January. Below you can find the audio recordings of each class.

"Reformed" and "Protestant" are buzzwords that often get thrown around in our circles, but many only have a vague notion of what they mean. Others of us may wonder if distinguishing ourselves this way historically and theologically matters in this day and age. Come and learn about the five solas (Latin for the word "alone") – what they are, what they mean, and why we think they are the heart of the gospel itself.

You Never Stop Being a Parent

Adult Sunday School | Summer 2021

Below you can find the audio from our most recent Adult Sunday school series. Recordings of each week's study are posted below.

"Our goal in training and discipling our children is to bring them to maturity … [that they might be] ready for adulthood long before it is time to release them from the home." "Somehow, we thought that when our children reached eighteen, our parenting would be pretty much over.  On the contrary, we discovered that our most challenging years as parents were in the vicinity of ages eighteen to twenty-three. … When the children were small, parenting was simple - not easy but simple."

For some, this is a pressing topic as you consider your relationship with your adult children; for others, parenting is still an everyday reality. And for still others who may not have children of their own, it may mean asking questions like, what is my role to the children within my church family? So, whether you are still parenting within your home, have children who are about to leave home, or parenting at a distance, there is something here to learn for anyone. Based on "You Never Stop Being a Parent (Thriving in Relationship with Your Adult Children" by Jim Newheiser and Elyse Fitzpatrick, plus facilitated discussion. Led by Curt Presley.

Parenting Conference

On December 4th & 5th Christ Pres, along with College Hill & Grace Bible, hosted Dr. John L. Cox for a much anticipated Parenting Conference. Dr. Cox walked us through the big picture of what kids need in order to become healthy adults, with a special focus on powerful discipline and what it looks like to speak love to your kids.

Below you will find the video recordings of each of the four sessions.

Dr. Cox also included a handout with his talk, which you can find here.

If you'd prefer to listen to the conference, you can listen to all four sessions here or wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts.

Archived Parenting Conference