Waiting for Jesus | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 25:1-13

Christmas can be so powerful “ho hum” for us the older we get. Is it possible that we think of Jesus first coming so little because we have lost sight of his second coming? What will that be like? The parable of the bridesmaids gives peculiar insight into learning to wait on Jesus well.

Sermon Points:

  • The Tradition of Weddings
  • The Practice of Waiting
  • The Hope of the Future

Church | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Genesis 17:1-14

God is now ready to mark Abram out as a unique family of God, his agents of transformation in a broken world. But the manner and means that he does that will strike many as bizarre, but when you understand the meaning of circumcision, the purpose of the church emerges.

Sermon Points:

  • Be Blameless
  • Apply the Sign
  • Become the “Father of Many Nations”

Grace | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Genesis 15:1-17
As God makes big promises to Abram, the patriarch asks a perfectly natural question, “How can I know this is all going to work out.” God’s response to that simple question results in one of the most astounding passages in all of Scripture, and the key to what we mean by “grace.”

Sermon Points:

  • The Promise
  • The Response
  • The Grace

Mission | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Genesis 12:1-7

Genesis 12 is the break-through point in the “story thus far.” Suddenly, God calls a childless pagan to be the head of a new family that’ll carry the mission of God through to completion. It’s a commission that God’s people still have even in our day, to remake the world for his glory.

Sermon Points:

  • Land
  • Blessing
  • Nations