Diversity | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Genesis 11:1-9

The benefits and need of diversity are heralded everywhere in modern culture, but the idea is not new. It’s always been God’s plan to build a beautiful, diverse, unified people of God and we see it’s origins at the tower of Babel.

Covenant | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Genesis 9:1-17

We live in a world that totters on the brink of collapse, it seems, from a lack of certainty about the world. But God’s covenant (contract) with Noah shows that God’s people can have a radical foundation for our relationship with the world, with justice, and in our own hearts.

Sermon Points:

  • Certainty about the World
  • Certainty about Justice
  • Certainty about Ourselves

Supernatural | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Genesis 6:1-4

There is a very strange tidbit of a story in Genesis 6:1ff that is so odd that many are tempted to consign the Bible over to an absurd document of superstition. But if you dig into its meaning, you might find it opens us up to an unseen realm where God orders the world.

Sermon Points:

  • What does this story say?
  • What does this story mean?
  • Why should this matter to me?