The Hero & Peter | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:13-23

How is it possible that Peter can be so “right” in his confession about Jesus’ true identity as Messiah and so wrong about Jesus’ mission. The answer to that question uncovers something profound about the new identity that being a Christian brings, with Peter as the prime example.

Sermon Points:

  • Peter’s Confession
  • Peter’s Affirmation
  • Peter’s Failure

The Hero Feeds His People | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:13-21
After the death of John the Baptist, Jesus tries to withdraw to contemplate the loss of his dear friend. But quickly, he returns to ministry to feed a hapless people with a meal that they wouldn’t forget and a meal that his followers would be instructed to celebrate until he came again.

Sermon Points:

  • Jesus’ Meal Does A Lot With A Little
  • Jesus’ Meal Is For Everyone
  • Jesus’ Meal Foreshadows Better Meals

The Villain’s Decline | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:1-13a
Matthew inserts an interesting little story about the fate of John the Baptist at the hands of Herod Antipas, king of Judea in Jesus day. But the life of Herod provides an anti-example to us who, with the benefit of hindsight, can see what evil choices do to spoil a conscience.

Sermon Points:

  • Herod’s Choices
  • Herod’s Consequences
  • Herod’s (Untaken) Path Out

The Hero Confronts | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: Matthew 12:1-14
When Jesus shows up in the Jewish countryside, his claims start to create reactions, depending on what was in the heart of his listeners. The Pharisees were famous for their miscalculations regarding Jesus, but when the topic of true rest arose, they were laid bare and wanted to kill him.

Sermon Points:

  • Check your Facts
  • Check your Heart
  • Check your Motivation