Blessing & Remembering In 2023 | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Psalm 103

We can never truly know what a new year will bring. Psalm 103 instructs us, that no matter the situation we find ourselves in, we are to engage in the disciplines of blessing the Lord and remembering His character.

Sermon Points:

  • Blessing (vs. 1-2, 20-22)
  • Remembering (vs. 2-19)

Diversity | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Genesis 11:1-9

The benefits and need of diversity are heralded everywhere in modern culture, but the idea is not new. It’s always been God’s plan to build a beautiful, diverse, unified people of God and we see it’s origins at the tower of Babel.

Faith | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Genesis 4:1-16, 25-26

If the world we live in is wrecked by sin and death but brimming with God’s gracious and redemptive work, how should we respond? Genesis 4 outlines two different responses to God’s promises and exposes our hearts in the process. The two responses diverge because of the differing objects of trust.

Sermon Points:

  • Faith and its object
  • Faith and anger
  • Faith and its result

Evil | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Genesis 3:1-13

Genesis 3 opens up for us the origins of evil and death. Evil can never find its origin in the Triune God. But, because God is Truth and Life, evil opposes God and His good world by twisting truth and trying to be independent of God. The result? Death.

Dignity | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:26-2:4

The opening book of the Bible reveals a God who makes humanity in His image. This unique claim has profound implications for our dignity and purpose.

Sermon Points:

  • Dignity
  • Dominion
  • Delight