Preparing for the Hero | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Matthew 3:1-17

Everyone undergoes some sort of preparation before meeting a person of significance. What might it look like to be prepared to meet the hero and savior of the world? John the Baptist is out in the desert for this very reason, preparing his listeners to encounter Jesus. Disruptive words like confession, repentance, and baptism are emphasized. These words might seem off putting, until you realize the hero is coming to identify with and save the REAL YOU by sheer grace.

Sermon Points:

  • John Prepares
  • Jesus Saves

The Hero Arrives | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Matthew 1:1-6, 16-25

Every hero has an origin story! Matthew introduces us to this long anticipated hero by way of a genealogy and then a supernatural beginning involving a virgin pregnancy. These two avenues of introduction set the table for the kind of hero Jesus will be. He is going to be a hero that identifies with the broken and sinners and will save and heal everything that is wrong with the world.

Sermon Points:

  • The Need For a Hero
  • The People of the Hero

The Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 15:1-26

The Scriptures claim that the bodily resurrection of Jesus is the lynchpin of all history and the Christian faith. The Apostle Paul says that without the resurrection, “our faith is in vain” and “we are of all people most to be pitied.” But if the resurrection happened, then forgiveness is a reality, life is stronger than death, and the trajectory of everything is changed.

Sermon Points:

  • Reality of the Resurrection
  • Meaning of the Resurrection
  • Application of the Resurrection

God, the Father Almighty | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:5-13

If we are all by nature worshipers and living by faith, then it makes sense that the Apostles Creed begins with the being and nature of God, which is reality itself. The Creed invites us to place our faith in the one true God who exists in three persons. Therefore, “I believe in God the Father Almighty…” is inviting us into a relationship with God who is both strong and humble, near and transcendent, powerful and tender, just and merciful.

Sermon Points:

  • In God
  • The Father
  • Almighty

A Spiraling King | Brian Sorgenfrei

 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 11:1-27

It’s revealing that the name of God is almost completely absent in this dark chapter of David’s life. Instead of reflecting the generous and loving heart of God, David commits heinous sin. It’s a window into the workings of sin. When your chief goal is to avoid being caught rather than enjoy being forgiven, you will never have true security.

Sermon Points:

  • The Setting (vv. 1-2)
  • The Spiral (vv. 1-27)
  • The Displeasure (v. 27)