Join us on January 13th from 6 to 8pm in The Loft (youth room upstairs) for our upcoming City Forum: Science & Reading the Bible. No registration is required.
Science has enriched our lives in innumerable ways. At the same time, it has challenged the Christian faith as conflicts have risen between science and biblical understanding. Conflicts do not just divide believers from the world, as rhetoric can run white-hot between professing Christians over the proper understanding of science and the Bible. This session will step back from specific scientific claims to first build a biblical framework for assessing apparent conflicts, asking questions such as: Should observations in nature ever be allowed to influence biblical interpretation? How important is it to understand the culture into which the Bible was written? What can we learn from our own church history?
Answers to these questions have the potential to mitigate conflict and open doors to recognizing greater theological richness in the biblical text and greater appreciation for the wonders of scientific discovery.
Gregg Davidson is a Ph.D. earth scientist at Ole Miss, author and speaker on the subject of science and Christian faith; husband of one soul-mate with four children and two grandsons (so far); and writer of science fiction novels just for fun. Speaking events have spanned 20 US states and five continents. More at