The Longing in Our Singing

Luke 2:22-35

The last song we’ll consider is Simeon’s treatment of his life’s longing. The Spirit promised him that he’d see the resolution of all his life’s longing. But that longing still has a sober tone to it. Mary will especially embody the pain that’ll come from bearing and, eventually, worshipping this child. These are the shadow songs of Christmas.

The Joy in Our Singing

Luke 2:8-20

The angels announcement is more than just God’s convenient messengers. They are getting a chance to express something we have long known: that even the angels LONG to look into the salvation God is winning for his people. Only the Gospel could bring this kind of joy.

The Message of Our Singing

Luke 1:46-55

Anglican Bishop William Temple said that his missionaries should be careful publicly reading Mary’s song The Magnificat since it is a “most revolutionary canticle.” But how is Mary’s song different from most modern protest songs? The key is in its fixation on God’s MERCY.

The Power of Our Singing

Revelation 14:1-5

There is a unique power that comes from singing. In Revelation, we find it curious that the main way in which God’s people stand with him to fight the powers of evil is through singing. This week, we’ll look into how the Bible demonstrates the power of our singing.