The Metamorphosis

Scripture Reference: Romans 12:1-2

Paul says that there is a life altering metamorphosis that changes every Christian into a servant of Christ. But HOW that transformation happens very succinctly gathers together all the grace Paul has unpacked throughout the book and shows us that it all happens, “by the mercies.”

Sermon Points:

  • The Sacrifice
  • The Body
  • The Mercy

The Unfolding Plan of God

Scripture Reference: Romans 11:25-36

The whole of what Paul has been laying out throughout this book culminates at the end of Romans 11. Paul answers the questions regarding Israel’s destiny, but then explodes in “wonder, love and praise” when he sees the unfolding plan of God!

Sermon Points:

  • Blessing to the World
  • Destiny for the Jews
  • Glory for God

Getting The Word Out

Scripture Reference: Romans 10:4-17

Paul cares so deeply for his fellow Jewish countrymen that he writes an extended explanation of exactly HOW they are to come to faith, if they do. In so doing, he provides modern believing people with a new way of thinking about the challenging topic of evangelism.

Sermon Points:

  • The Mechanics of Evangelism
  • The Agent of Evangelism
  • The Effectiveness of Evangelism

God’s Purpose in Election

Scripture Reference: Romans 9:1-8, 14-20, 30-33

Paul entertains a question about God’s faithfulness to “bring us all the way home” that is potentially undone by Jewish rejection of the Gospel. The answer takes us deep into the mind of God and his purposes in election and a “love that will not let me go.”

Sermon Points:

  • A Question About Jews
  • A Question About Election
  • A Question About Faith

The Convinced Life

Scripture Reference: Romans 8:28-39

Insecurities plague us everyday and are often the root cause of the anxieties that shorten our lives. But Paul’s exposition at the end of Romans 8 gives us a picture of a totally secure and convinced life, resting in the certainty of the Christian vision of the future.

Sermon Points:

  • God’s Sovereignty
  • God’s Efficiency
  • God’s Adequacy