Responses to the Hero Arriving

Scripture Reference: Matthew 2:1-12, 16

Sermon Points:

  • Herod – Opposition
  • Scribes – Apathy
  • Wise Men – Worship

Shouldering the Weary Nations

Scripture Reference: Matthew 11:25-30

How are you listening and living in Jesus Christ?

Sermon Points:

  • Jesus Give Us an Intimate Hope
  • Jesus Give Us a Humble Invitation

The Challenge of Integrity

Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:15-27

Jesus ends the sermon on the mount by walking his followers through three barriers to genuine faith. False teachers, self-deception and bad foundations can all keep us from being what Jesus is forming in us. How can we make it through?

Sermon Points:

  • The Fruit
  • The Knowledge
  • The Foundation

Thinking Through Our Worry

Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:25-34

The pandemic has taken a dramatic toll on Americans anxiety and depression. But Jesus tells us not to worry. Turns out, he then proceeds to give his followers powerful tools to erode their worry from the inside out.

Sermon Points:

  • Think Financially
  • Think Faithfully
  • Think Fatherly