A People Rescued

Exodus 14:10-31

The Red Sea Crossing was a historically powerful emblem to God’s people to show how God had rescued them from an impossible situation by a miraculous salvation.

A People Redeemed

Exodus 12:3, 11-13, 29-30; 13:1

There comes a point when the death and violence in the Bible starts to get to you. How can the god not only tolerate, but also advocate for the death of the Egyptian firstborn and then memorialize the event with the death of lambs?

A People Exorcised

Exodus 7:1-13; 9:13-17

We look at YHWH’s visitation of the plagues upon the cruel Egyptians. And while it’s easy to cheer for the vindication of the Hebrew people through the episode, the severity of God’s punishment upon Pharaoh is something we aren’t used to seeing. How do we understand God’s judgement on the Egyptians?

A People Opposed

Exodus 5:1-2, 6:1-9

Have you considered the kinds of opposition that a church faces as it becomes the people of God? It’s instinctive among Christians to assume that most of the opposition they face will come from the watching (re: doubting) world. But so often the enemies of peace come from within a heart still attached to its slavery.

A People Reborn

Exodus 4:18-31

Why would God want to kill Moses only moments after commissioning him to lead the Jews out of Egypt? Unless, it wasn’t Moses’ life he was seeking. It’s a challenging passage, but one we’ll tackle only to find rich nugget about being the people of God.