The Chastened King | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 24:1-4, 10, 18-25

The last chapters of 2 Samuel attempt to summarize the life of King David with a series of stories ending with a strange census and confusing question of how God was working. What do we see in David’s life reflected in this final story?

Sermon Points:

  • Sovereignty
  • Sin and Judgement
  • Atonement

The King and His Warriors | Les Newsom

 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 23:13-17

In this tiny vignette, we see a scene from King David’s life and the daring do of his “Mighty Men” that not only shows us how to interpret Old Testament stories, but gives us a powerful glimpse into the way in which God plans to deal with evil.

Sermon Points:

  • A Sighing King
  • A Supporting Band
  • A Transforming Sacrifice

The Exiled King | Les Newsom

 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 16:5-14

This chapter finds David at the lowest point of his life. His family is depleted and shattered. He is being run out of his own home by his beloved son. But the place where David found refreshment is still available to us today.

Sermon Points:

  • The Mess David Finds Himself In
  • The Refuge David Retreats To

A Royal Intervention | Les Newsom

 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 12:1-14

David is far gone in his sin. Not only has done heinous things, but he’s covered it up and in full denial. But Nathan’s intervention on his behalf successfully leads David into genuine repentance and shows us how we can do the same.

Sermon Points:

  • The Need for Intervention
  • The Substance of the Intervention
  • The Response to the Intervention

A Spiraling King | Brian Sorgenfrei

 Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 11:1-27

It’s revealing that the name of God is almost completely absent in this dark chapter of David’s life. Instead of reflecting the generous and loving heart of God, David commits heinous sin. It’s a window into the workings of sin. When your chief goal is to avoid being caught rather than enjoy being forgiven, you will never have true security.

Sermon Points:

  • The Setting (vv. 1-2)
  • The Spiral (vv. 1-27)
  • The Displeasure (v. 27)