The Unfolding Plan of God

Scripture Reference: Acts 27:39-44; 28:23-31

The last years of Paul’s life bring some of the most dramatic suffering he’d ever experienced. There is no triumphalism in the last chapters of Acts. But how do Christians face the inevitability of suffering in this life? How can Paul’s last years of missionary work instruct us?

Sermon Points:

  • God’s Plan in the Chaos
  • God’s Plan in the Suffering
  • God’s Plan in the Moment

Adventures in Church Planting

Scripture Reference: Acts 18:1-11; 19:1,8-10

In the latter half of Acts, Paul is seen engaging in the most effective long term evangelism strategy ever conceived…church planting. This pattern of establishing Jesus Communities is the model for all those seeking to be faithful to be Jesus’ witnesses in whatever generation.

Sermon Points:

  • Urban Strategy
  • Mixed Evangelism
  • Cross Echoes

Paul Among The Intellectuals

Scripture Reference: Acts 17:16-34

Many people think that in order to embrace Christianity you have to check your intellect at the door. But Paul marches right into the epicenter of Greek culture and goes toe to toe with the philosophy of the day and shows how the Creator God can only make sense of life.

Sermon Points:

  • Paul’s Skeptics
  • Paul’s Tactics

The Versatile Gospel

Scripture Reference: Acts 16:11-34

One of the more compelling traits of the Christian faith is the fact that it is not locked into one culture or people group. A remarkable diversity is seen in Acts 16 of Philippian converts. Yet, through it all, the Gospel remains the same message of the Cross.

Sermon Points:

  • Lydia
  • Slave Girl
  • Jailer

What To Do When We Don’t Agree

Scripture Reference: Acts 15:1-2; 6-11; 13-20

From the very beginning of Jesus’ church, full acknowledgement of the difficulty of “getting alone” has been owned. In Acts 15, we get a map of how to hold the church together unity when controversy and disagreement rises up and threatens to divide the church.

Sermon Points:

  • Don’t Compromise On The Gospel
  • Compromise Wherever You Can
  • Stay Connected To Jesus’ Church