Maker of Heaven and Earth | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: John 1:1-3

Of all the ways in which Christian distinguish themselves from the pagan religions around us, the doctrine of creation stands near the top. What is a human being’s relationship to the world around them? How do we properly understand our place in God’s creation, as it’s Lord and Maker?

Sermon Points:

  • Creation and God
  • Creation and the World
  • Creation and Us

The Bible Is Messianic Literature

Scripture Reference: John 5:37-47, Luke 24:25-27

If we are to correctly understand any work of literature, we need to know its intended message. The Bible has a central focus to its message that is key to its understanding. That message is bound up in the person and work of Jesus. The Bible Is Messianic Literature!

Experiencing the Resurrection

Scripture Reference: John 20:1-18

Sermon Points:

  • The resurrection is the answer to our grief.
  • The resurrection is the reason for our hope.
  • The resurrection is the fuel for our mission.