Failure, a New Year & Jesus | Brian Sorgenfrei

Scripture Reference: John 21:1-19
As we look into the new year, it tends to to be a time of reflection and planning. What do you do with your failures? After Jesus resurrection, He finds Peter on a beach. In this interaction, an amazing truth is revealed. Our failures don’t keep Jesus away from us, actually they are the very reason He came and He works through them.

Sermon Points:

  • Jesus Response To Our Failure
  • Jesus Work Through our Failure

Maker of Heaven and Earth | Les Newsom

Scripture Reference: John 1:1-3

Of all the ways in which Christian distinguish themselves from the pagan religions around us, the doctrine of creation stands near the top. What is a human being’s relationship to the world around them? How do we properly understand our place in God’s creation, as it’s Lord and Maker?

Sermon Points:

  • Creation and God
  • Creation and the World
  • Creation and Us

The Bible Is Messianic Literature

Scripture Reference: John 5:37-47, Luke 24:25-27

If we are to correctly understand any work of literature, we need to know its intended message. The Bible has a central focus to its message that is key to its understanding. That message is bound up in the person and work of Jesus. The Bible Is Messianic Literature!