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Adult Sunday School

901 Sisk Avenue Oxford, MS 38655
Foundations IV: Kingdom The Foundations Curriculum is a class offered over four semesters at Christ Pres that introduces each attender to the most fundamental commitments of our church’s mission. Hope, Home and Healing are each given extended treatment as a way of uncovering the theological and pastoral underpinnings of our church’s life, the “Christ Pres Way.” Francis Schaeffer tells us, “Every person lives with a foot in each of two worlds—the real, external world characterized by its depth and complexity and an internal world of thought shaped by a longing for understanding, love and significance. If these two worlds stand in tension with each other, an individual cannot live meaningfully.” Join us for the fourth installment of our Foundations series as we explore how we can best engage our culture as faithful citizens of God’s kingdom. Taught by Melvin Manickavasagam, meets in the sanctuary every Sunday at 9:45am.