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Adult Sunday School

901 Sisk Avenue Oxford, MS 38655
Foundations III: Church & Family The Foundations Curriculum is a class offered over four semesters at Christ Pres that introduces each attender to the most fundamental commitments of our church’s mission. Hope, Home and Healing are each given extended treatment as a way of uncovering the theological and pastoral underpinnings of our church’s life, the “Christ Pres Way.” In the first two semesters, we examine the Biblical and Theological foundation of our mission. Semester One walks us through the entirety of the Bible, highlighting the unifying structure and themes throughout. Semester Two walks us through our denominational standards document, the Westminster Confession of Faith, as a way of laying out the beliefs about God, Man and the World. Semester Three of the Foundations Class focuses on the word “Home.” The doctrine of the church unfolds from the very beginning of God’s plan of redemption. That is, as mankind experiences the effects of ongoing sin, that disease presents itself most clearly in our relationships. But the Gospel is here to restore us, NOT as isolated individuals on our way to heaven when we die (as true as that is), but as a body of people who are united together as God’s people. This class will feature not only a look at the doctrine of the church, but also consider the topic of marriage, parenting, and conflict management among church members. Taught by Les Newsom, meets in the sanctuary.